Henke-Sass, Wolf broadens its high-quality manual injectors with automatic devices for use in hatcheries and poultry farms.

The Pneumatic Vaccinator is a semi-automatic, pneumatic device to inject day-old chicks in the hatchery. The device ensures that the full dose of vaccine is in the proper location and depth of the chicken. Reliable double-stroke cylinders and syringes capable of delivering different volumes (0.1ml, 0.2ml, and 0.3ml) guarantee best possible results throughout the vaccination process. The Pneumatic Vaccinator is available in single- and double-syringe versions, allowing operators to apply live and inactivated vaccines at once. In order to fulfill all biosecurity standards the device can be cleaned easily and the adjustable trigger element cleans itself with compressed air after each batch.

In the course of preventing day-old chicks in the hatcheries Henke-Sass, Wolf also offers a manual Spray Cabinet for applying vaccine to day-old chicks via coarse spray. Adjustable volumes and crate sizes, high-quality stainless steel components as well as an unique spray nozzle enable an equal and effective distribution of the vaccine to the chicks. Additionally a constant airflow in the 10l vaccine reservoir prevents sedimentation of the coccidiosis and viral vaccines.

Finally, the HSW Double Breast Vaccinator covers the vaccination needs in poultry farms with accurate and safe application of multiple vaccines. The device is electrically driven and does not require compressed air. Due to interchangeable breast plates different type of chicken and age can be vaccinated. A display guided chicken positioning gives real time view of bird position and ensures that the vaccine is always injected in the same and correct spot of the breast. The device comes along with several safety features such as air bubble detection, early release warning, needle exchange reminder and counters.

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