Fubon launches new antibiotic replacement solution

When it comes to the diet without antibiotics, first of all, it is necessary to improve the intestinal health, because only if the intestinal tract is good, the immunity and growth performance will be improved, and the diarrhea rate of piglets will be reduced. When the growth performance is improved and the diarrhea rate is reduced, the antibiotic growth promoters can be dispensed. In addition, for pig farms, when intestine system becomes healthy, antibiotics for respiratory diseases can also be reduced.

In the diet formula without antibiotics, if feed additives are just added without considering the synergistic effect, it can not achieve the expected effect and increase the formula cost. Therefore, not all the additives together can play a role at the same time, we must test the corresponding combination of additives, in order to play a similar role with antibiotic growth promoters, so as to achieve the purpose of substitution. Yeast products can be used in combination with other related products to replace antibiotic growth promoters in the teaching and maintenance materials and sow materials.

Fubon’s new antibiotic replacement solution is as follows:

‘YeaSense’ 500g/t + ‘YeaVita+’ 300g/t + ‘Essential oil’ + ‘Acidifier’

YeaSense is the yeast extract which can produce bacteriostatic circle, broad spectrum bacteriostatic and promote growth. Bacteriostatic mechanism: interfere with the normal metabolism and growth and reproduction of bacteria; damage the cell membrane by acting on the supermolecular structure of the bacterial cell membrane; activate the degrading enzyme of the bacterial cell wall, leading to the damage of the cell wall, and play the bacteriostatic role.

Yeavita+ is a diarrhea resistant live yeast product for feed granulation. It can compete for oxygen consumption, reduce the proliferation of harmful bacteria, secrete specific protease, degrade Clostridium toxin and other bacterial toxins, and reduce diarrhea.

Although antibiotics can promote the growth of piglets and prevent diarrhea in a short period of time, but at the same time, the intestinal tract of piglets also suffered from the destruction of antibiotics, so pigs in the fattening period will show a lack of growth, disease prone phenomenon. The phenomenon of multiple diseases. The emergence of antibiotic free diets provides a new opportunity for pig industry to upgrade. Without the damage of antibiotics to the intestine, the production potential of pigs will be further improved. All of these need to rely on nutrients, nutrients and nutritional additives to achieve, and yeast products play an important role in it.

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