DLG invites you to EuroTier 2022 to learn solutions for highly increased feed cost

What benefit does EuroTier promise to you?

The recent events changed many things in our lives. But good news, there are a lot of chances you can use to stimulate your business! DLG’s world’s leading trade fairs for animal farming EuroTier 2022 (15-18 Nov 2022, Hanover/ Germany) will help you on this.

You as animal professionals know better than anyone that the right feeding is essential
for high performance and animal health.





Today I would like to approach you with special questions:

How the global crises as such the war in Ukraine and the climate change have impacted your business and business of your members?

Are you facing challenges because of the shortage and highly increased cost of genetically-modified-free compound feed ingredients?

Then it would be highly useful for you to learn:

  • new concepts for replacing grain, rapeseed, soya and sunflower seed;
  • alternative sources of nutrients presenting by the animal feed industry;
  • contribution of sustainable and future-oriented barn concepts for success in animal feeding.

To share this knowledge demonstrating by our exhibitors and experts in technical programme is our priority.

Why so?
Euro Tier is called the most relevant trade fair for the entire animal farming industry. Here are the 6 reasons why.
EuroTier is :

  • covering all livestock segments and stops along the value chain;
  • with 2,600 exhibitors (60% from abroad) from 55 countries and 160,000 visitors (35% from abroad) from 142 countries is international and diverse;
  • innovative: A showcase of the cutting-edge technology shaping the future of the industry, EuroTier innovations awards are highly coveted;
  • offering comprehensive content: Expert driven knowledge exchange with over 300 events workshops seminars and more;
  • digital: since 2021 presenting both onsite as well online and attracting the attention of a much large target audience;
  • housing the world’s leading trade fair for decentralized energy supply Energy Decentral.
    The promise of DLG:
    meet customers and partners,
    get to know new prospects at EuroTier and the future of YOUR animal farming company will be a success.

Give your business new drive – be part of EuroTier 2022!

For further important information click:
👉 Plan your visit : tickets, travel & accommodation, travel partners, visa-support.
👉 Exhibition Areas: cattle, poultry, pig, including small ruminants, dairy, aquaculture and new segments such as horse and new forms of protein such as insects.
👉 Exhibitors & Products: see a list of 2022 exhibitors as well 2018 and 2021.
👉 TopTierTreff (Top Animal Meeting): international marketplace for top genetics.
👉 “Milk & Cattle” Forum:  process optimisation through automation and digitalization, greater efficiency, animal health and associated higher product quality.
👉 Guiding Theme: Transforming animal farming
because of changing production and value chains as well as societal and environmental demands.
👉 Focus areas:

  • Housing & feeding technology
  • Feed & feeding
  • Animal breeding & health
  • Purchasing & marketing
  • Management & Farming

👉 EuroTier digital on DLG Connect as hybrid trade fair format
👉 Great visitor interest in EuroTier 2022
👉 Farmers Voices
👉 Safe business – special hygiene and infection protection measures


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